Relgo Cloud Services (RCS)

Relgo cloud Services (RCS) enables complete domain intelligence for administrators and developers to quickly automate operations and use. RCS also provides data as a service for enabling any custom data to be monetized. RCS has elastic applications processes and roles intelligence, compliance data for many countries, chart of accounts and reports for various domains, devices data and much more. RCS also has common services for simplifying automation environment with respect to authentication, verifications and authorization, digital currency and much more common practices.


ANAS - Relgo Digital Currency

What is ANAS?

Anas is Relgo digital currency used for simplifying organisation payments and receivables. Users may create own Anas bank accounts and Organizations can deposit anas and manage their internal payments to employees, vendors and members of communities seamlessly integrated into their operations. Anas are integrated into accounting transactions and provide statutory and compliance needs automatically for all enterprise transactions.

Organizations can directly deposit their salaries in to employee virtual bank accounts, pay vendors and online payments. End user can use anas as virtual bank account to deposit, to make payments, purchases, manage their payee, budget expenses and also get compliance report for all their transactions. Anas app makes it easy to operate for all your transactions.

Anas value will be vary based on the currency, in Indian rupees it is 6.25 per ana. The store lists the anas in various countries for deposit and the value is fixed and does not vary with currency only. In some cases Anas can only be encashed in the currency where it was earned, means if a customer pays for the service in USD, the funds remain in USD for encashment. If seller encashes in native currency (INR) in which case, there may be foreign exchange through regular bank may be involved.

Anas transactions and Anas currency are secure through distributed transactions in relationship graph, means anas and anas transactions are visible only to trading partners and not to outside world. The transactions are signed to make them tamper proof and the number of anas are aggregated from signed anas transactions. Hence your anas and anas transactions cannot be withdrawn by third party users and transactions confirmations use multi factor authentication to prevent unauthorized usage.

How To Use ANAS

Anas are used as currency for any product or service purchase. You can deposit Anas from store using bank tranfer, online , offilne or through cash. You can create your deposit account starting with Relgo4 and extending with your ID XXXXXX (RELGO4XXXXXX). When ever you deposit to this account and IFSC code 'YESB0CMSNOC', your anas account will be loaded with equivalent anas. Once you load anas you can use anas to purchase licenses and any other products like regular currency or pay to someone through bank transfer or encash yourself.


  • Anas simplify all financial transactions as part of your automated operations.
  • Anas provide great convenience in payments, receipts and transfer of money with no extra fee.
  • Anas with INR or equivalent currency can encash any time you need and you can even gift to the third person.
  • Anas enable simplified way to exchange services and proceeds.
  • Once you load the currency you don’t need to use your debit or credit card while purchasing any partner store products.

My Anas App

Use your Anas Bank by logging to your anas account through mobile or online. Load anas to your account through your work or deposit and also pay to beneficiaries.