Partner Services Exchange

Partner Services Exchange (PSX) enable partners to provide services to Relgo automation cloud customers and their employees. Typically users enrol and utilize your services automatically through RAC applications. PSX provides partner portal to manage services listing, pricing, orders, billing and reaching to targeted RAC customers.


  • reach out to all RAC customers Globally with your service plans.
  • showcase and promote all your services in Relgo Automation Cloud.
  • This is tremundous advantage for RAC Employees to avail needed services just in time.
  • Providers can quickly deploy and onboard their service plans in RAC.

How does Partner Services Exhange works:

PSX is usefull for providers whose services are targeted to corporate employees. Providers who would like to reach out to RAC customers should enrol their services to PSX through Relgo.com partner services exchange page. Partners can select the provider type applicable for them and enrol to deploy partner application in their account.
Partners login to their account and setup their services in Relgo Operations Cloud through inventory management module. Partner may setup service application, information, pricing etc for the service plans. Partner will create revenue points for each service plan, which helps you to reach out to users. You may purchase listing credit and apply to each revenue point to publish to RAC.
The service plan revenue point will appear for users to enrol just in time in the respective applications. Users click on the enrol to subscribe for service plan and the enrollment request will appear for partner for processing. Partners will be able to see all requests through their login in Relgo operations Cloud. Once partner accepts the user request, a referral credit will be charged to the partner. Partner may help the users to onboard and setup periodic payment plan for the users for automatic payments.

Partner may need to prepurchase listing and referral credits ahead of time. You may purchase bulk credits at discounted prices.

Enrol As Provider

To get started with your partner enrollment select the provider type and click on enrol as provider

Select From Available Providers Enrol As Provider

If you do not find the provider type contact us +91-9849307971

Available Providers

  • GSP Providers
  • Benefit Providers
  • SMS providers
  • ESI PF services