Relgo Process Automation

Automating any organization processes is daunting task besides expensive proposition. Relgo provides complete toolset to automate your organization processes and manage automated deployments. Besides Relgo also offers flexible automation models suitable for your organization. Selecting right approach optimizes your resources, costs and will get you started quickly. Whether you are sole proprietor, small, medium or large organization, the elastic automation fits to your operations style.

Benefits using Relgo Robotic Process Automation and elastic automation platform

  • You can cut down your implementation cycle from months to days makes functional experts
  • Automate your organization processes progressively and no need to plan all of them.
  • Purchase user licenses on demand and billing is only for the usage period.
  • Flexible automation and licensing options with SaaS applications, Managed Automation, Free Automation and Solution Developer

Choose your required automation with your specifications

Although any type of automations leads to same functinal outcome, it varies depending on the resources, timelines and costs. The following table gives the guidelines for selecting one over the other. You can always switch one over the other during the course of automation

SaaS Applications
Managed Automation
Free Automation
Solution Developer
Ready to use, functional module for you and your department. Best if you want only one automated silo module. Multi module integrated solution for your operations. No failed implementation risk, free automation, pay for licenses later. Multi module integrated solution with domain experts and auomation engineers to help you automate and onboard operations. Build your solution using toolset for codeless development, provisioning for web and mobile and monetize using Operations Cloud.
Target customers
Single Module Functinal users, accountant, HR executive etc. Sole proprietors, Small and Medium organization directors. Medium to large organization requiring professional help. Solution Developers and Enterprise Developers requiring customization.
Costs and Licensing
Application License 80(SAUL) Anas/user and module license is 32 Anas/user. Application License 80(SAUL), 160(MAUL), 240(CUL) Anas and Application setup cost is 4000 Anas. Application License 80(SAUL), 160(MAUL), 240(CUL) Anas and Analyst Consultancy 5600 Anas/month and Automation Engineer 4000 Anas/month. Developer License 80 Anas/month, Automation License 240 Anas/month and Runtime License is 16000 Anas/one time
Post deployment Support
Free Phone, Online, Community Forums, Product Enhancements Free Phone, Online, Community Forums, Product Enhancements, Automation Support Free Phone, Online, Community Forums, Product Enhancements, Automation, on site support, account management Free Phone, Online, Community Forums, Product Enhancements,Developer Support

Automation Procedure

Relgo Automation Cloud enables you to prepare organization processes and automate them quickly with very less upfront costs. You can prepare the processes and models from readily available processes, role templates and automate your self or with the help of professional comunity.The procedure is easy and functional experts or decision makers will be able to get them ready for automation in no time.

Relgo Automation Cloud has following products and toolset enabling customers to do automation themself or using professional community.

Relgo Network Center - It is IT infrastructure and productivity suite enabling organization networks, software defined infrastructure.

Relgo Automation Studio - It is automation development studio consisting of tool set to package processes, automate and deploying the roles. It has elastic applications development studio with codeless development environment and Development Cloud for testing and automating. It has all the tools necessary to develop, provision, automize, deploy applications for web, mobile and devices.

Relgo Cloud Services - It has services common to use across automation cloud. The services has, verification token services, digital currency and public ledgers, community markets, product masters, common taxation services which are useful for all customers.

Relgo Operations Cloud - It provides public cloud infrastructure to deploy customer operations and use it for their employees. It has operations monitoring services for ensuring the customer operations running smoothly.

Automation and Operations Community - It provides public community for automation professionals and also marketplace for customers to utilize reaching out their stake holders.

Steps to Process Automation

  • 1 Get Your Identity Verification Token Signup for Relgo Business Processes for Free, and get your organization processes and automation ready.
  • 2 Register for Relgo Automation Studio Prepare your organization processes from ready to use Relgo Business Processes and personalize as needed.
  • 3 Package Organization Processes and Roles Verify Relgo automation products Compliance with your processes using self verification or certified process analysts.
  • 4 Automate and Deploy roles to operations cloud Prepare Roles and operating procedures for the processes suitable for your organization.
  • 4 Assign Employees to Roles with user license Prepare Roles and operating procedures for the processes suitable for your organization.

To start Automation, Get Your Token and Register for Relgo Automation Studio