Single module license
INR 500/Month

Multi module license
INR 1000/Month

Concurrent module license
INR 1500/Month


Team Management



Manage contacts and relationships in networks and Groups. Owner, Networks, groups and domain specific relation types isolate and organize the working environment.


Manage domain specific enterprise relations, by establishing relationships and organizing activities in one place for easy access and security.


Generate target lists by tagging, searching and inferring relations and their profiles. Generated lists such as customers, vendors etc. may be used for promotion and operations use.

Devices & IOT

Manage devices in your organization. Biometric, RFID, Home automation and any IOT devices. Add the device and it is ready to use in your operations.


Manage Entities and profiles for enterprise. Profiles are used to manage personal activities and publish work and as personal website for promotion.


Manage your organization locations, property, employees and vendor locations for scheduling and associating with resources, utilize for delivery, pricing, taxes and much more.


Manage your Resources and corresponding activities automatically. This could be property, any asset etc.

Use Cases

Sass and Less support

Build Relation Network

A significant feature to build and maintain a people network specifying the relation type between the entities.

Sass and Less support

Setup Organization Directory

Create organization directory in four simple steps by defining the required locations, departments, roles and positions and complete employee on-boarding.

Sass and Less support

Manage Organization Resources

Resource scheduling helps to define and organize the resources based on requirement.

HR Management



Manage your organization employees attendance and presence for payroll and operations.


Enable leave requests, approvals and aggregate leaves for payroll operations. Access leave management from any device.


Fully automated payroll management for your organization enabling payslip and periodic payroll statement and accounts integration.


Setup employee benefits, medical, housing allowances, insurances etc. to add to payroll. Setup incentives, commissions etc. for including in payroll.


Collect performance metrics and automate the employee performance reviews, KPI and KRA settings.


Collect job applications, setup screening processes, conduct online tests, Interviews and hiring process. It provides end to end processing for any kind of applications.

Use Cases

Sass and Less support

Manage Organization Personnel Attendance

Personnel attendance for defined shifts captured and used to manage the respective Payroll operations

Sass and Less support

Manage Organization Personnel Leaves

Leave requests made by personnel are managed as per standard leave mechanism and used to manage the respective Payroll operations

Sass and Less support

Manage Organization Payroll

Payroll management enable the payslips, payroll statement generation based on attendance and leave information and also option for payroll integration with accounts.

Sass and Less support

Manage Employee Benefits

Manage employee benefits with well defined benefit policy structure.

Sass and Less support

Job application's Screening for Organizations

Collect and scrutiny the Job applications online with defined application screening mechanism including various stages in a specified manner.

Account Management



Manage payables, payments from operations, record payment automatically through pre-configured transaction types and payment approval mechanism.


Manage expenses, categorizing them based on expense types. Integrate expenses with operations to directly account for with no manual intervention.


Manage receivables through sales vouchers and receipts. Receivable category is pre-configured integrating with sales through which funds are entered inward in to accounts.

Balance sheet, profit and loss

Generate balance sheet and Profit and loss automatically by pre-configuring category mapping to report groups. It eliminates accountant intervention to create annual reports.

Other Statements

You can create any kind of statement during implementation. Cash flow, day book, category wise expenses, general ledger etc. simply by mapping category and ledgers.


Flexible external variable group mechanism helps to integrate accounts with other operations modules for real-time aggregation and eliminates accountant intervention.

Use Cases

Sass and Less support

Finances Management for Organizations

Generate Balance or Profit and Loss sheet based on the transactions recorded under defined category and ledger structures.

Material Management


Designs and BOM

Manage organization designs and design templates for operations and reuse. Prepare BOM and related activities.

Project Progress

Manage projects, tasks, progress in a Unified Dashboard, Task wise estimates, Planning and Resource allocation.

Procurement Management

Procurement process streamlines and optimizes material utilization, purchases and Vendors integration.

Material Management

Manage Material Consumption, Requests, Returns and Metrics for various types of Material.

Use Cases

Sass and Less support

Design BOM Template from the Drawing.

Design product and create Bill Of Material (BOM).

Sass and Less support

Prepare Estimates for any Project (or) Job

Estimate Cost, Time, Quantity and Quality to start any project.

Sass and Less support

Design Library for Standard Products

You can maintain the library with all Products, Features and Specifications for Project Execution.

Sass and Less support

Prepare Plan for Project Execution

Prepare plan for a project by setting milestones through Project Progress.

Sass and Less support

Execute project according to Quality Metrics

You can prepare the quality metrics with different tests by benchmarking the quality of product.

Sass and Less support

Monitor Project Progress

Monitor your project progress with day to day evaluation through project progress and reasons for delay.

Sass and Less support

Procure Material for Operations and Projects

You are able to create a relation between vendors and organization for timely management of all materials required for project for free flow of operations.

Sass and Less support

Manage Suppliers, their items and transactions

Manage third party organizations that supply goods and services to the organization.

Sass and Less support

Manage inventory and know the stock details.

Manage Stock Inventory, Inward and Outward Stock in Warehouse.

Sass and Less support

Manage Sales Inventory

Know your Purchase and sales order at any point of time.




Collect Orders online and offline through Web, Manual entry and Mobile or through procurement process. Automated process and dashboard enables scaling up sales pipeline.


Automated, Just-in-time billing with online, offline payments, stage wise payments, Invoice and Payments eliminates cumbersome customer interaction during revenue recognition.


Generate automated delivery plan based on availability and production quantity. Confirm dispatch schedules and logistics, delivery confirmation, returns etc.


Post sale support management require preventive, breakdown maintenance, scheduling resources for support and providing support tickets for resolution tracking, replaced parts and costs.

Project Analytics

Application provides Historical orders, order profitability, working capital projections, procurement cost, estimated order costs, capacity analysis etc. You will be able to manage cash flows very easily with the application.


Application enables order integration with sales leads, accounts, inventory, procurement, production and support towards 360 degrees automation for the organization.

Use Cases

Sass and Less support

Provide Case Management and Problem Reporting for an Organization

You can able to create and manage tickets for problems and we provide solution.

Sass and Less support

Provide post Sales installation and Preventive Maintenance Scheduling

We deliver and maintain transparency of service at regular period of time

Sass and Less support

Manage Students Fee Collection for an Institute

Create your own payment plan and get schedule remainders according to payment plan.

Sass and Less support

Manage Receivables for a Sold products as per Payment Plan

Design your own payment structure to meet customer satisfaction and get automatic remainders.

Sass and Less support

Process Orders (online, offline) to Fulfill and Dispatch to Customers

Get your order either online or offline and process orders till dispatch.

Sass and Less support

Analyze your working capital and profitability for Project.

Analyze your financial situation and check your profitability for project to begin.

Sass and Less support

Generate Leads from Prospects through Campaigns

You are able to create your own campaigns and automate lead generation from campaigns.

Sass and Less support

Convert Leads to Sales through Sales Automation

Maintain your leads through support and automate leads to customers.

Sass and Less support

Manage Inventory for Selling Products Online

Maintain your inventory details up-to-date and access inventory on go.

Sass and Less support

Manage Product Booking and Selling for Online and Offline

You are able to sell product either online or offline and track orders.

Market Place

Use Cases

Sass and Less support

Establish Multiple Marketplaces

Setup any number of stores and enable it by listing products.

Sass and Less support

Enable Product Licensing and Enforcement

Create different types of license types to your products with built in license enforcement and renewals.

Sass and Less support

Manage Promotions for Products

Promote your products through sales agents or social groups by creating product campaigns.

Sass and Less support

Manage Viral Campaigns through Sales Channel

Setup viral campaigns also known as “word of mouth” campaign to target group through sales channel or agents for promoting your product.

Sass and Less support

Manage Ad Campaigns for Products

Create demographic target groups required to your product and serve your ad to that targeted group with the help of ad campaign.

Sass and Less support

Manage Social Campaigns for Product

Setup social campaigns to target groups through social networks for promoting your products.

Build Marketplace and Sell products online

List products to Online store with MarketPlace.

  •  Create one or more stores and enable for listing products
  •  Setup products to sell online in any store
  •  Use Catalogs, gift basket, shopping cart, payment gateway, virtual currency etc.
  •  Attract variety of products from third parties
  •   License management and control panel

    Flexible license management for managing your creating, issuing, renewing product licenses.

  •  Create different license types (SaaS, Perpetual etc.) for your product.
  •  Easy and flexible to setup prices and payment plans for your products
  •  Built in license enforcement and renewals
  •  Distribute bulk licenses through license keys and virtual money
  •  Use bizcenter to distribute licenses to your team
  • Product campaigns and promotions

    Promote your products through sales agents or social groups by creating product campaigns.

  •  Create product campaigns with campaign template
  •  Run campaign through specified period
  •  Invite sales agents to sell your product
  •  Manage incentives, discounts for your product
  •  Setup Viral and Advertisement campaign to target group
  •   Integrated Operations and Inventory

    Login and control panel to manage the operations to support market place, such as order fulfillment, deliver planning and dispatches.

  •  Integrate backed processing to support marketing activities
  •  Order Processing, Procurement, Revenue Realization are easy to setup
  •  Seamless accounts, Organization and Supply Chain
  •  Vendors, Customers and Communities cooperating applications
  • Learning management



    Explore Relgo’s extensive, world-class online learning opportunities. We invite you to follow your intellectual curiosity, from lectures to fully interactive courses and programs. Relgo enables organizations to integrate Learning and Skills Management in to their Operations. Digital Training Material and just in time training delivery are the greatest Productivity and Skill enhancer for staff. This application aids instructors by preparing material and analysing the performance of the candidate. It simply takes away difficult part of their work and makes them productive.


    Every year, when it is the time for Admissions, an Educational Institute faces the schedule of Printing Forms, Collecting applications, Declaring Merit Lists, Collecting Fees, etc. But with Relgo Academics online Admissions Management systems which Reduce Manual Work, Time Consumption, and Finances.


    Relgo Academics is a user friendly, highly secure and reliable product of Relgo Networks Pvt. Ltd. Relgo Academics provides every educational institute the opportunity to manage academic processes effortlessly. We offer you rich and dynamic features such as Administration, Admissions, Academics, Exams and Analysis. The solution enables managing institute intake, student Classifications, Common application, Programs, Curriculum, Finance, Library Management, Lesson plans. It also enables student portal to make Content, Question Banks, Exams and Analysis available for them.


    Relgo academics suite lets teachers spend more time with students. Provide your teacher with the tools & data to support their focus on individual’s student performances.


    Number of question banks for various competitive exams are being added everyday by tutors all over the world. Searchable, tagged (difficulty, year etc.) question banks and practice exercises simplify and make you prepare smarter.


    Application enables order integration with sales leads, accounts, inventory, procurement, production and support towards 360 degrees automation for the organization.

    Use Cases

    Sass and Less support

    Student Admissions through Online Admission System

    Student applications analysis and admission process completed online.

    Sass and Less support

    Academic Curriculum Design for Institute

    Define year schedule combining program and course schedules along with respective event and activities.

    Sass and Less support

    Delivering Classes Online

    Online digital interface for delivering classes with defined Program / Course structures to online session participants.

    Sass and Less support

    Delivering Classes Offline

    Delivering classes offline with defined Program / Course structures through recorded sources to offline session participants.

    Sass and Less support

    Skill Assessment and Certification

    Skill analysis and Program / Course certification through online test evaluation.

    Sass and Less support

    Certify the Students based On Criteria

    You will be certified as expert in your domain through pre-defined evaluation.