Automation as a ServiceAutomation As A Service (AAAS)

Automation as a service (AAAS) is a SaaS service offering by Relgo for organizations to automate their business operations. AAAS offerings enable Small, Medium and Large organization to choose the automation model appropriate for their organiation. Be it sole proprietor, 100+ or 1000's of employees, AAAS has suitable automation model reducing capital expenditure. Besides, the progressive automation reduces the complexity of onboarding, people and effort required. The models have self service automation for knowledge workers and also has certified professional team to guide and assist with enterprise automation.

Relgo Automation Cloud has automation tools for Solution Developers and Integrators to build their domain practices for delivering to customers and maintaining operations.

Self Service Automation

Relgo Automation Studio (RAS) enables Self Service Automation of your business processes through SaaS subscription. Functional consultants and knowledge workers use RAS for free for packaging their business operations.

This DIY automation is an excellent option for IT administrators to manage their applications, upgrades and organiation directory.

Free Automation

Relgo automates business processes and roles for free once you signup for free automation. Relgo professionals work with customer to automate the roles and they pay setup fee once they are satified with role operations and purchase licenses.

It is an excellent option for small and medium size businesses to eliminates the risk of upfront capital expenditure for automation.

Managed Automation

Managed Automation is full service automation, where customer hires professional process analysts and automation engineers. They work with the teams and manage the automation and onboarding employee roles.

It is best suited for organizations looking to engage professionals for automating operations, fill automation gaps integrating with existing IT infrastructure.

Assisted Business ServicesAssisted Business Services

Assisted Business Services (ABS) provide outsourced business services for any organization. Many common business processes such as monthly payroll processing, accounts, facilities scheduling etc provided as a service to companies for running their business smoothly even in the absense of internal resources. The automated services enable to have data secured and available all the time for you to access from anywhere.

Customers save the time, operational costs, peace of mind with trained professionals completing the business processes in time and securing data. ABS franchise has trained and certified staff to assist with business process.

Partner Services ExchangePartner Services Exchange

Partner Services Exchange (PSX) enable partners to provide services to Relgo automation cloud customers to enroll and utilize. PSX provides partner portals to manage their services listing, pricing, orders, billing and reaching to targeted RAC customers. Providers will be able to reach corporate customer employees through Partner services Exchange through corresponding applications.

Some of the enrolled partner services providers are Health Insurance providers, GST Suvidha providers, SMS, Compliance providers etc. Service providers are quickly onboard and enable their offerings using Relgo Automation Services.