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Process Simplified

We started our journey with the purpose of enabling individuals and organizations to simplify their operations. There are many other giant software comanies in the business of providing platforms, however their legacy platforms, legacy programming models, the cost of software, services, IT infrastructure and effort needed to get all the operations automated for scaleup and expand makes it hard and expensive. It is so cumbursom that even mega organizations are afraid to change the software just beause of effort that was required and not just money.

We built platform to utilize natural relationships to build applications which makes it intutive and natural to develop solution on using relationship graphs, its intuitive programming model and design patterns. The velocity of developing new processes gives a company to grow with the market need in real-time giving big advantage over competion. Relgo's vision of "Process Simplified" enable organizations to reduce the effort needed for solution development with nocode/low code Relgo AppStudio, Relgo solution builder and Relgo Runtime to host business applications. The appstore and Relgo Solution Builder make it easy for product owners to build solutions and deploy progressively in cloud progressively.

With over three decades of empathy working with customers and expertise in technology and platform development, our vision, purpose and endurance is to provide such a platform with significant cost and time benefit over grand old and over rated technology companies. In reality solution integrators and developers don't have incentive to provide affordable solutions to enable market reach equally for all sized companies. Our platform significantly reduces solution develpment and integration costs and yet provide native solutions, easy to develop and scaleup in the cloud.

Our Pursuit of Providing Greater Value

We are a talented team based in Hyderabad, fearless in pursuing our dream of providing innovative platform to simplify utilizing technology for operations. Our pursuit in building innovative software framework using natural relationships not only simplify solution development, reduces costs of operations for all sizes of organizations. Our solutions represent as our beliefs and are simple, natural and enable to innovative to compete in capacity.

The Greater Value of our solutions are

Build Progressive Solutions : Product owners can build solutions with usecases progressively just in time as you need. Relgo's Relgo Solution Builder enable building and managing solution for customer story progressively, testing and deploying and getting adopted.

Develop NoCode Elastic Applications : Application developers can build use cases using nocode appstudio with elastic programming model in fraction of time than using traditional OOPS or micro services programming model. Relgo's Relgo App Studio enable nocode applicaton development, user experience, test cases, version control and module definition appspaces and much more. These elastic applications implement a usecase are called Containerized Elastic Applications (Relgo) which are hosted and run in Relgo runtime.

Federated cloud deployments : The developed solutions are deployed across cloud as federated applications. These are Containerized Elastic Applications (Relgo) deployed in containers and run in Relgo Runtime. The Relgo Solution Builder manages deploying the solutions, applying upgrades and hotfixes in a dedicated systems in onprem or in your cloud environment.

Relgo Framework :
  • Containerized Elastic Applications (Relgo) : Relgo is an application which has one or more usecases developed using Relgo App Studio and can be imported to customer solution. The packaged solution is deployed in cloud and the applicatin will run in Relgo Runtime.
  • Relgo Runtime : It runs Relgo application to render UI and enables functionality for the logged in user.
  • Relgo App Studio : Relgo applications are developed using Relgo App Studio. This nocode devstudio has framewaork, UI layouts, metadata etc.
  • Relgo Solution Builder : This is used to build Customer solutions packaging Relgo applications. It is also used to manage customer deployments across the cloud.
  • Relgo Workspace : It is infrastructure and tools which are used for running Relgo applications.

Complete Control of Your Solution Technology

  • Open Platform : The platform code, platform database, runtime and all code abse avaialble for organizations for any business continuity reasons.
  • Private Solution Build : Solution is packaged by you and managed in private solution builder.
  • Private appstore : Can maintain your aplications in provate appstore
  • Code Custody : All your private applications and code, you can manage in your private account.

Who Benefit the most?

Enteprise Organizations

Manage your business operations using containerized business solutions

Run your Oprtations using Relgo Environment

Solution Builders

Build your solutions using Relgo Solution Builder packaging micro applications

Build your solution for operations using Relgo Solution Builder

Application Developers

Develop nocode elastic business applications

Develop your enterprise applications using Relgo App Studio

Enterprise Customers
System Integrators
Independent Software Vendors
Licensing Partners
Sales Partners

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Assisted Business ServicesAssisted Business Services

Assisted Business Services (ABS) provide outsourced business services for any organization. Many common business processes such as monthly payroll processing, accounts, facilities scheduling etc provided as a service to companies for running their business smoothly even in the absense of internal resources. The automated services enable to have data secured and available all the time for you to access from anywhere.

Customers save the time, operational costs, peace of mind with trained professionals completing the business processes in time and securing data. ABS franchise has trained and certified staff to assist with business process.

Partner Services ExchangePartner Services Exchange

Partner Services Exchange (PSX) enable partners to provide services to Relgo automation cloud customers to enroll and utilize. PSX provides partner portals to manage their services listing, pricing, orders, billing and reaching to targeted RAC customers. Providers will be able to reach corporate customer employees through Partner services Exchange through corresponding applications.

Some of the enrolled partner services providers are Health Insurance providers, GST Suvidha providers, SMS, Compliance providers etc. Service providers are quickly onboard and enable their offerings using Relgo Automation Services.

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