Relgo Partners

Our Partners provides Technical and Domain expertise solutions for customers. Relgo partners are Trained and Certified to provide quality engagement with sharp execution focus with a goal of automating customer environment. Explore our Services and Applications to signup for Sales Partner and License partner.

Interested in teaming up with Relgo find the right partner program that suits you.

Become a Sales Partner

Relgo Sales Partner helps to get started into Relgo Community for reffering new Clients and Earning commissions for all the Products and Services.


  • Relgo sales application provides complete Lead Management of your leads
  • Ability to build your own Marketing / Sales to match your client needs
Become a sales partner How to get started

Become a License Partner

Relgo License Partners are primarily engaged to sell Relgo licenses or Renewal licenses for the customers.


  • Ensuring to connect with trusted license to your business
  • Relgo self service resource helps you recommend relgo products
Become a License partner How to get started

Solution Partners

Solution Partners are appointed to bring orders and provide customizable solutions to the customers.

  1. Enroll from website
  2. Create Token Identity to login to application
  3. Track the record report of your leads

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