About Us

Relgo Automation Cloud is an innovative graph platform with number of operational processes intelligence and integrated tools for businesses to automate their operations. All businesses will have number of processes and some of them unique to their operations requiring integrated application, onboarding and continuous managing the deployed environment. Current tools and technology in the market requires highly skilled resources and fragmented processes requiring significant investment in IT. Relgo helps businesses by providing simplified 360 degrees ERP instead of using silo applications like HR, CRM, tally etc for all sized businesses. Our break through technology and tools makes every business productive, reducing operating costs and personalized dashboards for all employees.

Relgo Team

Relgo Team is a talented team of engineers developing technology stack for simplified businesses automation. The team is lead by Vasanth, a vetaran in technology in building large webscale platforms, an alumni of Microsoft, Honeywell and Wipro. The team consists of Kishore wih 18+years experience,is director for products leading platform, tools, data and solutions team. The product team has architect for platform and tools building necessary platform components. Savindra, Director of project 12+ years experience in leading Customer process and domain data and business solutions developing working with customers and solution developers. Relgo team is based in Hyderabad majority from second tier colleges from twin telugu states and are well suited for product developement and environment suitable for innovation. We are proud to have the team which take on challenges and execute, with platform, processes, delivery, services and production data centers.


Relgo's product line built on natural relationships and aggregating the data. For automating organization, the relationships are organized as elastic applications and the transaction data is managed and aggregated through a graph engine to render the application. The capability of elastic applications merge to become a integrated business application for any companies is a game changer where it simplifies automation for any kind of organization.

Relgo Automation Cloud has four product lines

Relgo Network Center, which is a IT Infrastructure and Productivity tool for use of Organization Infrastructure and Employee productivity tool.

Relgo Cloud Services, hosts Elastic appstore with Processes, Roles, Compliance Data, Services and Other common data makes automation easier and used by for all customers.

Relgo Automation Studio, is toolset for Developing Applications, Packaging Enterprise Processes, Testing and Deploying Elastic applications for IT administrators and Knowledge Workers.

Relgo Operations Cloud, Hosts customer packaged applications providing role based Login and Integrated operating environment for Customers.

Relgo Automation Cloud has many innovations such as Distributed Ledgers, IOT Framework, Digital Currency, Verification Tokens, Codeless Integrations, Data Version Controls and much more to ease customer technology adoption. At Relgo we make technology adopt to your business and provide the best automation simplify operations.

Apart from technology stack, Relgo built professional services and community of service providers, Relgo University for training and certification and support infrastructure to help SMB and all organizations to help organizations to manage their operations.


Relgo's customers span across various domains utilizing the applications for their operations. A sole proprietor, small business also can use integrated applications taking care of Marketplace, HR, Inventory, Project Management, Material Management and CRM.

What customer gets from our solution

3600 Automated Operations

Customers get their operations environment, role based user portal with personalized dashboards and functionality, notifications and tasks etc for improving productivity.

Web Portal

Implementation comes with website and portal for stake holder login increasing customer brand value, ease of doing business and ecosystem operations speed and accuracy.

Mobile Application

Organization will get mobile application with features and functionality enabling them to use application from anywhere and also use personal device sensors for operations.

Operations Snapshot

Customers get automated operations environment snapshot for upgrading features, testing for new user scenarios, hotfixes and enhancing the operations package etc.

Our Philosophy

Relgo's mission is to provide automation platform, products and tools to enable anyone to simplify their operations. We see that every small and medium businesses use Relgo for their automation needs.

Relgo is committed to providing the greatest value to customers. When we take up a customer use case, we take upon our self and work hard to automate all their processes and enable the best possible solution for them. In doing so, Relgo team take pride in doing a thorough job, earn respect by customers through the solution, continuously innovate their processes and make the solution and maintain value with customers. We spent lot of R&D time and effort to develop product line to provide tremendous value to customer simplifying developing integrated application and managing the customer deployments.


We work hard and Do to make our products are satisfy our self periodically. We adapt our products to all our internal use before anybody else.


We ensure our product meets expectations and make sure customer time is utilized wisely by making the products easy to use and optimize delivery processes.


We continuously improvise and innovate to make sure customer job is simplified considering all possible activities.


Our products and services pack many features and optimizations which provide extraordinary value for customers.

Its been long eventful journey resulting in the solid platform and product line. We met hundreds of decision makers to make the products worthwhile and affordable for all. Its been thousands of quality brainstorming hours, out of the box thinking and compassion towards users enabled us to build this beautiful platform to empower all.

Our Happy Clients They Trust Us

We build trust in our clients by delivering process simplified solutions.

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