Relgo Cloud Services (RCS) enables complete domain intelligence for all the customers to quickly automate operations and use. RCS storage is a service model in which data is maintained, managed, backed up remotely and made available to users over a network system. Data is stored in global data centers with storage data spread across multiple regions or continents. It also provides data as a service for enabling any custom data to be monetized. RCS has elastic applications processes and roles intelligence, compliance data for over the globe, chart of accounts and reports for various domains, devices data and much more. RCS also has common services for simplifying automation environment with respect to authentication, verifications and authorization, digital currency and much more common practices.


  • Instantly available Enterprise Processes Intelligence for all organizations.
  • Eliminates huge times consumption on Enterprise Implementation with ready to use process intelligence.
  • Provides updated Statutory Compliance Data, making compliance easy for all users over the Globe.
  • Provides Standard GAAP (Charts of Accounts) for various domains enabling Uniform Accounting Practices.
  • Global standard Item Masters and procedures intelligence pricing and managing them.
  • Generalized Items to store and their operations made quickly by selecting standard items from RCS.
  • Common Domain Data available for ease of operations and setting up for all users over the Globe.
  • Digital currency across all RAC users, making transaction payments process simple and free.


Anas is Relgo Digital Currency used for simplifying Organisation Payables and Receivables. Users may create own Anas Bank Accounts and Organizations can deposit Anas and manage their internal payments and receipts to all expenses, Customers, Vendors and members of communities seamlessly integrated into their operations. Anas are integrated into accounting transactions and provide Statutory and Compliance needs automatically for all enterprise transactions.

Organizations can directly deposit their salaries in to employee Virtual Bank accounts, pay vendors and online payments. End user can use Anas as a Virtual Bank account to deposit, to make payments, purchases, manage their payment, budget expenses and also get compliance report for all their transactions. Anas app makes it easy to operate for all your transactions.

Anas value will be vary based on the currency, Indian Rupees it is Rs 6.25 / Anas. The store lists the Anas in various countries for deposit and the value is fixed and does not vary with currency only. In some cases, Anas can only be encashed in the currency where it was earned, means if a customer pays for the service in USD, the funds remain in USD for encashment. If seller encashes in native currency (INR) in which case, there may be foreign exchange through regular bank may be involved.

Anas transactions and Anas currency are secure through distributed transactions in relationship graph, it means Anas transactions are visible only to trading partners and not to outside world. The transactions are signed to make them tamper proof and the number of Anas are aggregated from signed Anas transactions. Hence your Anas transactions cannot be withdrawn by third party users and transactions confirmations use multi factor authentication to prevent unauthorized usage.

How to use ANAS?

Anas are used as digital currency for any product or service purchase. You can deposit Anas from store using bank transfer, online, offline or through cash. You can create your deposit account starting with Relgo4 and extending with your ID XXXXXX (RELGO4XXXXXX). Whenever you deposit to this account and IFSC code 'YESXXXXXXXX', your beneficiary account will be loaded amount with equivalent Anas. Once you load Anas you can use Anas to purchase licenses and any other products like Regular Currency (or) Pay to someone through bank transfer (or) encash yourself.


  • Anas simplify all your financial transactions as part of automated operations.
  • Anas provide great convenience in payments, receipts and transfer of money with no extra fee.
  • Anas with equivalent currency can encash any time you need and you can even gift to the third person.
  • Anas enable simplified way to exchange services and proceeds.
  • Once you load the currency you need not to use your debit or credit card while purchasing any partner store products.

Use your Anas Bank by logging to your Anas account through mobile or online. Load Anas to your account through your work or deposit and also pay to beneficiaries.


Relgo Cloud Services has compliance data and procedures for GST, EPF, ESIC, TDS, Professional Tax, GST, W2, W4, 401K, etc for respective countries and states. Automation Customers can setup compliance data quickly from cloud service and get updates periodically. The data and procedures help users simplifying the compliance tasks during payroll, GST filing, use the taxes etc in all the automation application.



Relgo Cloud Services has Goods and Services Tax (GST) is an indirect tax (or consumption tax) imposed in multiple countries and states over the Globe on the supply of goods and services. GST data has HSN codes for Goods and SAC codes for services and their tax rates updated regularly for the respective country. Data is labelled for timeline so that future GST tax rates may also be available for customers to prepare their applications. GST applications and filing services may utilize cloud data for complying with government stipulations. GST applications along with data utilizes the location to calculate the item tax rates while billing to customers and vendors. The GST is imposed at variable rates on variable items is calculated based on country, state and place of supply.

Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM) is a system in GST where the receiver pays the tax on behalf of unregistered, smaller material and service suppliers. The receiver of the goods is eligible for Input Tax Credit, while the unregistered dealer is not.

EPF (Employee's Provident Fund)

Indian Government specifies EPF is a Retirement Benefit Funds. EPF benefit slabs, contributions of employees and employers for the organizations. The EPF data is updated periodically as per latest guidelines. HR applications may utilize the compliance data and for filing purpose. The cloud data is populated into application depending on salary templates and based on the basic salary of the employees and the limits are estimated and given in application for the user flexibility by refereeing UAN.

ESIC (Employee State Insurance Corporation)

Indian Government specifies ESIC medical benefit slabs, contributions of employees and employers for the organizations are set as per Indian statutory compliance. The ESIC data is updated periodically as per latest guidelines. HR application utilizes the compliance data for deduction and filing purpose. The cloud data is populated into application and then depending upon slabs set in cloud and salaries of employees, The limits are estimated and given in application for the user flexibility.

TDS (Tax Deducted at Source)

TDS cloud data has tax slabs and rates which helps payroll processing system to accurately estimate the taxes. TDS data is updated regularly to reflect changing government tax rates and slabs. Customers can use TDS cloud data to setup their payroll systems during automation on generating Form-16.The Exemption Limits and standard area of investments also access by the user on cloud for ease of access the updated taxes.

PT(Professional Tax)

Indian Government specifies Profession tax is the tax levied and collected by the state governments in India. It is a direct tax. A person earning an income from salary or anyone practicing a profession such as chartered accountant, company secretary, lawyer, doctor etc. are required to pay this professional tax. The Professional tax data is updated periodically as per latest guidelines. HR application utilizes the compliance data for deduction and filing purpose. The cloud data is populated into application and then depending upon slabs set in cloud and salaries of employees, The limits are estimated and given in application for the user flexibility state wise.


Relgo Cloud Services has Educational data and procedures in cloud to made easy for institutions to setup and students to learn. RCS provides standard curriculum to facilitate for all Educational Institutions to setup and run latest educational materials.

Standards GAAP (Chart of Accounts)

Relgo cloud service provides different types predefined chart of accounts for different types of industries, transaction definitions, ledger groups data of various industries (domains) like Manufacturing Industries, Service Industries, Trading Industries. These predefined accounting structure and transactions help organize their finances quickly.

Following data is available for organizations
  • Chart of accounts and ledger groups, categories for different industries.
  • Manual and Integrated Financial transactions definitions for different industries
  • Budget categories for various industries
  • Financial report templates for multiple domains
Items Master Data

Relgo Cloud Services has intelligence about standard material types populated into cloud. Organizations uses the intelligence to setup products in the inventory quickly and accurately. Data Domain experts and analysts prepare data along with application to populate intelligence. They periodically update the item data and information in the cloud. Relgo's Data version control enables to maintain number of data labels for supporting multiple countries and regions. Item masters is suitable for any type of revenue model.

Following are some of the item’s customers can use intelligence
  • Licenses
  • Consultancy
  • Service Items
  • Subscriptions
  • Mechanical and Engineering Items
  • Electrical and Electronics Items
  • Building Material

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