Containerized Elastic Applications (CEA)

Relgo Elastic Applications store has number of containerized Elastic Applications (CEA) for building
your solution. CEA's are categorized (as listed below) and browse Appstore

Relgo Containerized Elastic Applications implement many use cases and enables codeless integration. These CEA's are developed and customizable using Relgo's CEA framework tools built on Windows containers. CEA applications are categorized and available in CEA Repository.

Human Resource Management

Human Resources Management category contains applications related to managing people in an organization. These applications have functionality and integrate with other operations.

  • Organization Directory

    Manage Members, Profiles, Employees, Hierarchy, Relationships, Groups, Roles and Permissions

  • Attendance Management

    Manage employee attendance (manual, mobile and biometric), payroll integration and dashboards

  • Leave Management

    Manage employee leaves, approvals, payroll integration, holidays and employee dashboards

  • Payroll Management

    Manage payroll templates, earnings, deductions, calculation, statutory, payslip and bank integrations.

  • Timesheet Management

    Manage objectives, tasks, approvals, payroll integration and alerts.                   

  • Recruitment Management

    Manage job openings, applications,    candidates, interviewing and offer.            

  • Performance Management

    Manage objectives, tasks, apporvals, goals, appraisals and payroll integration.

Finance Management

Finances Management category has accounts administration for the organization, compliance, payments, equity and credits management.

Market Place

Marketplace has online store, inventory, pricing, orders, billing, delivery management and integration with payments and accounts. The functionality enables any organization to manage their ecommerce and online store and all operations associated with operations.

  • Online Store Management

    Manage items, pricing, options, products, services, configurable pricing, payment plans and flexible revenue points

  • Inventory Management

    Manage items, item extensions, licenses, bill of material, assets and inventory and manage related items for order management

  • Orders Management

    Manage orders, customize, billing, taxation, approvals, customers, invoices, integrate with accounts and compliance.

  • Delivery Management

    Manage items delivery, delivery plan, dispatch actions, production management and integrated customer receipts.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM application category has microapps for managing leads, prospects, campaigns, channels, customers, events and conversion to sales.

  • Lead Management

    Manage inbound calls, leads, generate prospects, profiles, and sales conversions.

  • Campaign Management

    Create product campaigns and reach out targeted groups, internet marketing to generate prospects.

  • Support Management

    Create support tickets, assign to resources, manage resolutions, manage logistics, customers and integrate to delivery.

  • Customer Collaboration Management

    Manage customer relationship, messages, surveys, calendar, posts etc. and integrate with operations.

Material/Project Management

Project execution, Production manufacturing, Procuring and Analysis of material management are critical components of any manufacturing operations,Application has Integrated IOT sensors to stremline production and project execution.material mangement and planning module helps in designs,bill of material,estimations,production pipeline,managing multiple stores,Inward, Outward Movement of Stock, Procurement, Quotations, Quality and Asset Management.

Key Benefits

Relgo Material Management and planning module enables to design project,project planning, Store Manager to inspect Inward and Outward flow of Stock and Procure Material from Vendors when stock falls under reserved quantity.

  Store Manager dashboard have Stock Transactions for the filtered period of time
  Stock can be reserved for a project
  Bill Of Material acts as indent template which can be used multiple times for a similar kind of projects.
  Vendor community which helps in choosing the best rated vendors
  Purchase process is simplified without any manual interaction
  Project Progress Dashboard provides reasons for the Delays and Project current status.

Project Management

Project Management category has managing projects, designs, material, procurement, production and vendor functionality. It enables designs to delivery for manufacturing.

  • Product Management

    Manage product designs, store, production stages, bill of material and production pipeline and execution for operations.

  • Project Progress

    Manage, projects, tasks, planning, progress, estimations, reports and status aggregation and stake holder dashboard.

  • Material Management

    Manage items, store, inventory, stock, item extensions, Cost forms, Licensing, Assets and all store operations.

  • Procurement Management

    Procurement category for managing indents, purchase requests, material requests, material issues, quotation and vendors

  • Vendor Management

    Manage suppliers, their items, pricing and quotations, approvals and delivery

Verifystamp service enables users availing different kind of verifications and utilizing the verification token for their day to day operations. This service supports onboarding many verifiers from different industries and enable them to issue verified tokens to all your clients.

Different Services

  Identity Verifications (Email, Phone and Biometric)
  Compliance verification
  Health passport (COVID-19 Test, vaccination and immunization verifications)

(Anas ) Relgo Digital Currency used for simplifying Organisation Payables and Receivables. Users may create own Anas Bank Accounts and Organizations can deposit Anas and manage their internal payments. Anas are integrated into accounting transactions and provide Statutory and Compliance needs automatically for all enterprise transactions.

Key Benefits

  Anas simplify all your financial transactions as part of automated operations.
  Anas provide great convenience in payments, receipts and transfer of money with no extra fee.
  Anas with equivalent currency can encash any time you need and you can even gift to the third person.
  Anas enable simplified way to exchange services and proceeds.
  Once you load the currency you need not to use your Debit (or) Credit card while purchasing any partner store products.

Use your Anas Bank by logging to your Anas account through mobile or online. Load Anas to your account through your work or deposit and also pay to beneficiaries.

Learning Management

This category has functionality for institute and eLearning for Administration, admission, learning and question banks, exams and many features. Integrating eLearning with ERP modules monetizes the learning operations, resources and other institute activities easily.

  • Institute Administration

    Manage student applications, fee management, admissions, classification, associated with institute branches, staff and students.

  • Academics Management

    Manage institute program management applications such as programs, courses, classes, lesson plans, sessions, session content and class delivery.

  • Assessment Management

    Manage tests, exams, question banks, question types, conduct exams and analyse the reports. Conduct bulk tests and analyse for organizations.

  • E-learning

    Provide student dashboards, exams, eLearning material, tests, analysis and taking exams. Student subscriptions for your courses and tests.

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