Learning Management

Learning Management

you can try out Relgo Free Automation for two months ,Experience The Application if we Fulfill Your Requirement You Can purchase and use for your organisation.

Our Features


Explore Relgo’s extensive, world-class online learning opportunities. We invite you to follow your intellectual curiosity, from lectures to fully interactive courses and programs. Relgo enables organizations to integrate Learning and Skills Management in to their Operations. Digital Training Material and just in time training delivery are the greatest Productivity and Skill enhancer for staff. This application aids instructors by preparing material and analysing the performance of the candidate. It simply takes away difficult part of their work and makes them productive.


Every year, when it is the time for Admissions, an Educational Institute faces the schedule of Printing Forms, Collecting applications, Declaring Merit Lists, Collecting Fees, etc. But with Relgo Academics online Admissions Management systems which Reduce Manual Work, Time Consumption, and Finances.


Relgo Academics is a user friendly, highly secure and reliable product of Relgo Networks Pvt. Ltd. Relgo Academics provides every educational institute the opportunity to manage academic processes effortlessly. We offer you rich and dynamic features such as Administration, Admissions, Academics, Exams and Analysis. The solution enables managing institute intake, student Classifications, Common application, Programs, Curriculum, Finance, Library Management, Lesson plans. It also enables student portal to make Content, Question Banks, Exams and Analysis available for them.


Relgo academics suite lets teachers spend more time with students. Provide your teacher with the tools & data to support their focus on individual’s student performances.


Number of question banks for various competitive exams are being added everyday by tutors all over the world. Searchable, tagged (difficulty, year etc.) question banks and practice exercises simplify and make you prepare smarter.


Application enables order integration with sales leads, accounts, inventory, procurement, production and support towards 360 degrees automation for the organization.

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