Material Management

Material Management

Material management is a process of planning, identification, procuring, storage, receiving and distribution of materials. Relgo material management is to assure that the right materials are in the right place, in the right quantize when needed.

Relgo Material Management will help your organization support, business to manage their incoming in-process materials, raw materials, and finalize goods from primary registration of the material to its best product. In many ways it acts as the backbone of the manufacturing process.

  • Mostly, every organization uses a number of materials. It is necessary that these materials are properly purchased, stored and used
  • Relgo Materials Management also contributes to the customer satisfaction and overall success of the company
  • Materials management starts with good inventory management practices and accurate tracking of all the materials in a company's inventory

Our Features

 Designs and BOM

Manage organization designs and design templates for operations and reuse. Prepare BOM and related activities.

 Project Progress

Manage projects, tasks, progress in a Unified Dashboard, Task wise estimates, Planning and Resource allocation.

 Procurement Management

Procurement process streamlines and optimizes material utilization, purchases and Vendors integration.

 Material Management

Manage Material Consumption, Requests, Returns and Metrics for various types of Material.

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