Marketplace is an ideal application for listing and selling products online.It is easy to make online store live within no-time.

It has various licensing options available to protect products and services. Promote your products through builtin campaigns and manage incentives for Sales channel partners to acquire new customers. You can easily aggregate and sell third party products and automate sales operations through leads and inventory management.


Setup store (Online/Mobile) for your products

Service Providers

Sell your Services/Subscriptions


Setup your Product Portfolio

Retail Stores

Establish Online Store

Build Marketplace and Sell products online

List products to Online store with MarketPlace.
  •  Create one or more stores and enable for listing products
  •  Setup products to sell online in any store
  •  Use Catalogs, gift basket, shopping cart, payment gateway, virtual currency etc.
  •  Attract variety of products from third parties

License management and control panel

Flexible license management for managing your creating, issuing, renewing product licenses.
  •  Create different license types (SaaS, Perpetual etc.) for your product.
  •  Easy and flexible to setup prices and payment plans for your products
  •  Built in license enforcement and renewals
  •  Distribute bulk licenses through license keys and virtual money
  •  Use bizcenter to distribute licenses to your team

Product campaigns and promotions

Promote your products through sales agents or social groups by creating product campaigns.
  •  Create product campaigns with campaign template
  •  Run campaign through specified period
  •  Invite sales agents to sell your product
  •  Manage incentives, discounts for your product
  •  Setup Viral and Advertisement campaign to target group

Integrated Operations and Inventory

Login and control panel to manage the operations to support market place, such as order fulfillment, deliver planning and dispatches.
  •  Integrate backed processing to support marketing activities
  •  Order Processing, Procurement, Revenue Realization are easy to setup
  •  Seamless accounts, Organization and Supply Chain
  •  Vendors, Customers and Communities cooperating applications

How Market Place helps to you?

Sass and Less support

Establish Multiple Marketplaces

Setup any number of stores and enable it by listing products.

Sass and Less support

Enable Product Licensing and Enforcement

Create different types of license types to your products with built in license enforcement and renewals.

Sass and Less support

Manage Promotions for Products

Promote your products through sales agents or social groups by creating product campaigns.

Sass and Less support

Manage Viral Campaigns through Sales Channel

Setup viral campaigns also known as “word of mouth” campaign to target group through sales channel or agents for promoting your product.

Sass and Less support

Manage Ad Campaigns for Products

Create demographic target groups required to your product and serve your ad to that targeted group with the help of ad campaign.

Sass and Less support

Manage Social Campaigns for Product

Setup social campaigns to target groups through social networks for promoting your products.