Relgo Academic management software allows teachers to create curriculum, lesson plans, and syllabi to streamline course planning and helps to set up academic structures to include multiple programs and courses offered by the college/institute. Define prerequisites for courses to define course levels and dependencies. School and college administrators can efficiently manage resources and optimize allocation of resources through automated scheduling of classes. Create and plan future academic terms and include courses to be offered, Set up multiple term types based on institute norms. Plan and schedule all your courses for each class period using the academic calendar for students to view, plan and prepare for assignments, examination, quizzes and feedback according to the timetable.

What can you manage ?

    • We can make any activities for the various institutions very easily and quickly by reducing the manual entry of the data in all cases which increases the productivity and efficiency of institute.


  • Helps to create the online and offline question banks for students by tutors.
  • Helps to make the performance assessment for the students through various examination.

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