Procurement is the business of processing the purchase of goods and services. It contains many redundant processes and operations as well as manual bottlenecks that are ripe to be automated. It helps in all stages of the procurement process to navigate complex requirements quickly and easily. With Relgo procurement Management, define and align your procurement process to send RFQs, Designs and Drawings and receive quotations from your vendors so as to process Purchase Orders quickly and effectively. procurement management and managing supplier relationships is very often a major element of the overall process.

Usecases :

  • -- procure materials for projects

What can you manage ?

     Working with multiple vendors requires a lot of time and effort but fortunately, procurement software gives you quick access to vendor information and makes your work much easier.  Each stage of the procurement cycle acts as a compliance checkpoint


• Raising and approving purchase orders • Maintaining inventory • Supplier onboarding and management • Receiving and matching invoices and orders.

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