The Relgo Admissions Management software automates the whole admissions and enrollments process impossibly simple and quick. Relgo admission management system helps the administration by giving quicker, straightforward and simple methods for registering students, documenting records, tracking applications, assigning courses to students and more. The online admission software module make it easy for the candidates to request enrollment enquiries, top off enlistment structure, transfer records, make online installment payments and furthermore track and download the status of the application whenever for free.

What can you manage ?

    • Online application form filling and submission.
    • Manage registration and entire admission process of the students for each academic year.
    • On acceptance of admission process, automatic transfer of details of the student/staff to school register and school records without any paper work.


  • Increased transparency, efficiency and integrity in the admission process.
  • Retrieval of information is fast with just clicks.
  • Admission is now free from the pressures faced with manual process.

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