Relgo Automation Cloud (RAC) is a graph platform for deisigning and automating bussiness processes. Users develop elastic applications, design business processes, package operations, automate and deploy to operations cloud with RAC toolset, intelligence and cloud infrastructure.


Relgo Automation Cloud (RAC) is an automation platform for developing and managing business processes automation and infrastructure. RAC simplifies onboarding enterprise customers and implementing automated procedures. It has all the toolset to deliver automation with nocode for organizations. Knowledge workers can automate their business quickly with using SaaS services and ready to use infrastructure.

The key components of RAC

Relgo Network Center(RNC)

RNC has tools for providing automation infrastructure for organizations and employees for automation applications and employee productivity.

Relgo Automation Studio(RAS)

RAS provides developer studio application enabling automation as a service providing elastic applications development, provisioning, deployment, automation in development cloud.


Relgo Cloud Services (RCS)

RCS Provides processes and data applications as a service used for simplifying automation with ready to use intelligence.

Relgo Operations Cloud (ROC)

ROC has public cloud infrastructure for deploying customer implementations and provide SaaS interface for all stake holders.

operation cloud

Relgo Automtion Studio

Relgo Automation Studio (RAS) enables Automation for Enterprises with built in intelligence, processes and data which reduces time and complexity to go live.

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operation cloud

operation cloud

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operation cloud

operation cloud

Relgo Network Center

Relgo Networks center enables software defined infrastructure for automation. RNC provides Organization directory, collabration of devices and other productivity Tools for Automation.

Organization infrastructure:

  • Networks, Groups and Relations
  • Entities, Profiles and Mini Websites
  • Instant Sharing, Calendar and Collaboration of Surveys, Forms and Reports
  • Storage and Document Management System
  • Devices and internet of things (IOT)
  • Network and Device Applications

Relgo Operation Cloud

Relgo Operation Cloud hosts Organizations operations. RAS enables IT administrators to manage and deploy automated roles in operations cloud.

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operation cloud

Company Portal

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Operation Monitoring

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Mobile Panel

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Help Desk

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Role Dashboard

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