Developer License  

Developer license is used for developing elastic business process automation applications using Relgo Automation Studio. Developers subscribe for Relgo Automation Studio and use for development.

Developer license is ideal for enterprise developers to customize or design new application. Design your application and run developed application in Relgo Automation Cloud. You can pay license monthly for the period you use.

Pack Size

DL/Month 80  Anas (500 INR)
DL/6 Months 480  Anas (3000 INR)

What you Gain

  • Design your own application according to the requirements.
  • Build application forms, dashboards, responsive UI.
  • Provision and Automize applications to enable cloud deployment.
  • Relgo automation cloud has huge collection of domain intelligence built in.
  • Use the license across any of 60+ Relgo use cases and applications