Relgo Integrated Automation Process

What is "Relgo Integrated Automation Process"?

Automating any organization processes is daunting task besides expensive proposition. Relgo provides complete toolset to automate processes by yourself and manage automated deployments. Relgo also offers flexible SAAS applications free, managed automation models suitable for your organization. Selecting right approach optimizes your resources, costs and will get you started quickly. Whether you are sole proprietor, small, medium or large organization, the elastic automation fits to your operations style.

 Benefits using Relgo Process Automation

  • Customer centric automation platform built for enterprise processes simplification.
  • You can cut down your implementation cycle from months to days with functional experts.
  • Automate your organization processes progressively and no need to plan all of them.
  • Purchase user licenses on demand and billing is only for the usage period.
  • Flexible automation and licensing options with Self Service, Free Automation and Managed Automation.

 Getting Started with Integrated Automation

 Automation Models

Relgo provides flexible way of operations by automation models to fit your environment. Relgo Automation Studio enable these models to simplify enterprise implementation and onboarding process.

Self Service Automation
(Do it your Self-Automation)
Free Automation
(Automate First and Pay Later)
Managed Automation
(Full Service Automation)
Highlights Ready to use functional module for you and your department. Multi module integrated solution for your operations. No failed implementation risk, free automation, pay for licenses later. Multi module integrated solution with domain experts and auomation engineers to help you automate and onboard operations.
Applicable for Single Module Functional users, accountant, HR executive etc. Sole proprietors, Small and Medium organization directors. Medium to large organization requiring professional help.
Pricing Application License 80(SAUL) Anas/user and module license is 32 Anas/user. Application License 80(SAUL), 160(MAUL), 240(CUL) Anas and Application setup cost is 4000 Anas. Application License 80(SAUL), 160(MAUL), 240(CUL) Anas and Analyst Consultancy 5600 Anas/month and Automation Engineer 4000 Anas/month.
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How to place Automation Order?

  • To get started place automation order, it does not cost to place order.
  • You can complete order by self or with the help of professionals easily as given below.

Choose Automation Model

Select Applications

Load digital cash and place order

Select professionals if needed

 Automation Procedure

Relgo Automation Cloud(RAC) enables you to prepare Organization Processes and Automate them quickly with minimal upfront Costs and Time for your team. Over 100+ readily available processes, role templates helps you to automate quickly with the help of professional community. The Relgo Automation Studio tool set and service delivery procedure makes it easy for process analysts and process automation engineers to get your organization live quickly.

Setup Identity Cast

Identify cast controls access to your orgaization roles, functionality, resources and proof for granting and issuing material. It is the security token where you add all your verified assertions are stored such as email, phone, address, marks, employment etc.

Get Identity Cast

Select Service Items

Service Items are business features in elastic autmation applications. They are individually deployable and automatable as per customer requirement. Select service items and add them to your automation environment for customization. You would require Relgo Automation Studio account for adding service items.

Browse Applications

Signup for Self Service or Free or Managed Automation  

RAS enables self service automation where a knowledgable person can automate service items by them selves. Alternatively you can take professionals help with free and managed automation. Register for RAS for self servie automation, go to market place and place order for free or managed automation.

Purchase Automation Register for Free

Package Processes and Roles for your Operations

Create enterprise packages with organization processes and roles from available automated processes. You can do it your self or utilize professionals for appspaces packaging.

Login to RAS

Automate Operational Roles

You can automate, test and verify each operational role and scenarios in RAS. With training, functional expert can do it or request professionals to do automation.

Login to RAS

Deploy to Operations Cloud for Employees

After automation, you can deploy the package for your operations, assign roles, permissions and licenses to employees. Employees will be able to login through operations cloud and perform daily activities.

Login to RAS

 Running Automated Operations

Life after automation will be way different and with Relgo's automation it is lot more intutive, where you expect where the data and operations are, it will be there. You will be surprised where you don't have to cross check manually and system itself will have checks and balances. Each employee have to just do what they are suppose to do, rest of the functionalities will automatically happen. Each person in their role will see how they want to see the enterprise data for real-time decisin support. The following part visualizes how each person.

Executive View

Executives will have their portal, mobile app where they can login to their account. They get integrated dashboards of operations for which they have permission. The data is aggregated and presented appropriate to context and roles. The aggregated data can be drilled down to get details till last mile enabling you to take quick decisions.

Manager View

Managers will get their team, their operations dashboards effectively monitoring outcome of their department. They will have aggregated data of their team members, real time notifications of all transactions for their department. They will be able to provide real-time feedback and taking quick actions.

Employee View

Employees will have their portal with personalized dashboard, tasks, training and notifiations. They will be able to use and perform their activities from where ever they are operating using mobile, web, operations floor etc. They don't need to send report as the sysem automatically aggregates data and presents to appropriate people.

Adminstrator Operations

Administrators will have control panel to manage the organization operations, permissions, licenses and organization automated packages. They can keep safe guard the data and maintain business continuity of operations.

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