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We truly care and strive hard for customer to improve operational efficiency to help growth. Our flexible product offerings will fit any sized organization reducing operational cost and high ROI.

Number of ready to use pre automated applications. You will be able
to just login and use the application.

  • Team ManagementTry

    Manage your teams by creating groups, relations and search groups quickly and share everything and be productive.
  • Human Resources Management Try

    Manage people, payroll, leaves, attendane, compliance, performance, recruitment and much more, automated
  • Customer Relationship Management Try

    Manage products, sales, orders, billing and support for your organization with easy to use and intutive application.
  • Material Management Try

    Manage your inventory, vendors, material, procurement and dispatch to support your orders and manufacturing.
  • Marketplace Try

    Manage your online store, listing products, pricing, licensing and product promotions through campaigns and ads.
  • Learning Management Try

    Manage organizations to integrate learning and skills online or offline to improvise performance continuously.

Automate all your organization processes such as HR, CRM, Inventory etc
by your self or through using professional community.

Is it Really Free Automation

Free automation allows you to automate all your enterprise roles and processes.
Once you are comfortable with automated process, then you can pay for process setup and purchase licenses for users in the role for any automation needs for an organization.

Free automation enables you to automate all your enterprise roles and processes for free. Free automation removes CAPEX risk for all the process and roles.

In free automation the entire automation process is accomplished by the
Relgo community completely and workout with the user specified requirements for automation of process and roles,

If needed Customization is also done for the user fulfillment for the automation process.In these free automation all the required resources are be allotted by Relgo community.

Relgo provides RELGO AUTOMATION STUDIO TOOL for free automation.

Relgo Automation Studio consists of set of tools required for the automation studio.


This studio allows developing various elastic applications, enterprise appspaces, deploying production and automating operational processes.

RAS utilizes Development Cloud for developing and testing environment and Operations Cloud for deploying customer production appspace.

  • Automation frameworks with no code, elastic framework, develop the application, Automation cloud are the technology advantage for the free automation.
  • Relgo Automation Cloud offers, Relgo Cloud Services with security Tokens and common services and data, Relgo Network Center to manage automation IT infrastructure with SDN, IOT and Team management, Relgo Automation Studio for IT admins, automation engineers and developers and Relgo Operations Cloud for deploying processes and roles.

To Get started for Free, Please Register  Registration

Steps to Enable Free Automation

Create Verification Token
Package your organization processes to Appspace
Request for Automating your roles in appspaces
Inspect Automated Role and Deploy for Operations

Relgo Automation Cloud enables the user to have a platform to build there organization solution and monetize them all with one single source.

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Develop the solution

Complete Solution Development and Automation toolset avaialble through Relgo Automation License and Relgo Developer licenses . Register for RAS

Developer License -
INR 500/User/Month


Professional community

Trained and certified Professional Automation Community to help and enroll. Community marketplace, forums. training and much more. You will be able to automate quickly.


Manage the solution

Very low runtime cost for using Relgo's ML, AI components from Relgo Network Center, Relgo Cloud Services and PaaS platform for building your solutions. Signup for low revenue share.

Price- $2500/year or Signup for low revenue share


Deploy the solution

Deploy your solution in Relgo Operations cloud and use for automated internal operations using Single, Multi and Concurrent Licenses .

Licenses - INR 500/user/month